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[010] Frogs

Well, I came up against a very weird jutsu on my last mission. It's de-classified so I'm allowed to mention it, and because it was so weird I think I'm going to.

It was a jutsu involving frogs.

It wasn't like Jimaiya-sama's toad summonings or anything... it was just lots of frogs sort of being flung at us. I'm not very clear on the offensive capability of pond frogs but I felt a little guilty for stepping on a few of them in order to chop the target's head off.

Was that the point? Because I've gotten over it, if it was.


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[009] Inky Pictures!

I have the most awesome new tattoo.


And I wasn't hungover in the slightest. Well done Asuka-senpai! And good job following orders, Nejiko. See, don't you feel more uhm... homey?

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[008] Breezes

Those of you allowed to know, I'll be out the village on a mission for at least a week.


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[007] Growth

Back on full duty as of next week. Although it looks like I've been assigned a new kind of mission for the next few months. It's definitely S-rank, I'll give it that.

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[006] Leaves

Asuka-senpai, I can't make sparring tonight. I'll be there tomorrow night. Sorry.

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[005] Plans

Today has been a good day.

Asuka-senpai, sorry about hitting you in the face with that tree.

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[004] Snow


[003] Escape

I'm being released from hospital tomorrow on my own recognizance. Suits me. Need to get out of here.

I wonder if anybody watered my plants while I was... gone.

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[002] Unbelievable


[001] Awake

For those of you who should know, I'm awake.

I'll be back on duty soon as possible.


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